Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington committed suicide yesterday (July 20), which has caused numerous artists to speak out about the importance of discussing mental health issues.

One of these musicians, Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds, posted a video on Twitter today, where he spoke about cyberbullying and “spewing hate at another person” online.

“Whether you disagree with someone’s politics, their religion, their artistic choices, their character, how they look… when you type out those words… you are bullying,” Reynolds said. “You’re doing more damage than you have any idea… We are all responsible for this… Can we please stop? That’s my plea.

He continued with his emotion request, saying “We are losing so many people to suicide. My question is, when is enough, enough? Can we speak to each other with love? Can we speak to each other with kindness? We can still have opinions, we have thoughts, we can express those thoughts, but can we do it with love? I believe we can. I hope we do.”