A pair of Kanye West Adidas Yeezy’s might cost you upwards of $3,000 (or $5,700 if it’s Bieber’s right Yeezy), but if you’re a 90s kid and still play Nintendo, you can snag a pair IRNL: In Real Nintendo Life.

Recently, Splatoon 2 players began noticing a sneaker that looked surprisingly like Yeezy Boost 250, minus the missing laces, called the “Black Norimaki 750s”, and they’re suspiciously priced exorbitantly high too; in the virtual reality, the Yeezy-inspired sneaks cost 9,800 coins compared to 700 coins for a pair of peasant kicks. Not only that, but the pull-up, extended-tongue gray shoes sold out almost instantaneously on the game as well; just like IRL.

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hold tight, hold tight, hold tight.

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Yeezy’s have been coming in multiple forms lately beyond just Splatoon 2. A couple weeks ago, Kim and Kanye announced their KidsSupply line (which launched in April) would be carrying toddler, baby and child-sized Yeezy’s custom decorated by 10-year-old artist Harlow.

Whether Nintendo meant to knock off Ye’s namesake or not is still unknown.