Ariana Grande continues to pay homage to the victims of the tragic terrorist attack outside her concert in Manchester, England on May 22. Yesterday (July 5), the pop star posted a message on social media to Saffie Roussos from Leyland, Lancashire, the youngest of 22 people killed at the event.

“Saffie, we’re [thinking] of you baby,” tweeted Grande, with a birthday cake emoji to complete the message. Roussos would have been celebrating her ninth birthday,

Hundreds of people gathered in Roussos’ hometown and released helium balloons in memory of the young girl. It was “the party she deserved,” family friend Tess Watson told BBC News.

The girl’s father added that his daughter was “everything you could wish for in a little girl.”

Ashlee Bromwich, the victim’s older sister spoke of Saffie’s excitement as she watched Grande perform, “She was Ariana Grande-obsessed. She was so happy, she was elated all night, grinning,” she said.

Grande made the tribute to Saffie after a concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina.