It is too late for Justin Bieber to say he’s sorry to members of his tour crew … who feel he totally let them down without the slightest hint of a warning … according to sources close to the Purpose tour team.

We’re told Biebs’ crew members were blindsided when they got word he was calling it quits. They claim there was no explanation given along with no heads-up … and now around 200 people are out of work and pissed.

Our sources say the crew also didn’t believe Bieber when he said he needed to rest, because he just had a month off in Laguna Beach and L.A. … and regularly played sports and partied during that downtime. As we first reported, the real reason Justin bailed is because he’s dedicating himself to Christ.

Still, tour members feel betrayed, and think this is more bratty behavior from Bieber, and his lack of sympathy for them is on full display.

Bieber has been virtually joined at the hip with Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz over the last few months — including at a huge church event in Australia — but we’re told Lentz did not advocate for cancelling the tour.