DJ Khaled says they didn’t want him to succeed at the EDC Festival in Vegas, but EDC organizers say it just ain’t so … and it was only equipment problems that screwed him.

Khaled was, understandably, pissed off when his Sunday night set went to crap — after repeated sound issues and tons of stalling … he was eventually booed offstage. Khaled was furious, calling out EDC crew for holding him backstage for 90 minutes while they tried to fix his sound.

Pasquale Rotella — CEO and founder of Insomniac, which hosts EDC — says, “Due to technical difficulties beyond DJ Khaled and Insomniac’s control, Khaled was not able to perform at his scheduled time on Sunday night at EDC.”

Rotella says Khaled was the consummate pro, arriving on time and ready to perform … so EDC’s definitely not blaming him.

A source connected to the festival tells us there was no “sabotage,” as Khaled claimed.