DJ Khaled seems to have worked with most everyone in the hip-hop world for his latest project, Grateful, which includes features from Drake, Rihanna, Bryson Tiller and Chance The Rapper, among others. Despite the voluble love from the rap community, Khaled says there’s one rapper he still dreams of collaborating with: Eminem.

“I never got a chance to work with Eminem,” Khaled told Katie Couric on Yahoo! News. “I have tried before, but I’m gonna try again. But this time when I try again, I’m gonna make sure I have the right record. I don’t think he’s telling me no. I think I just gotta come with the right presentation.”

Watch his interview below, and hear him discuss Eminem at the 10:20 mark. During the discussion, he also addressed his new album, working with Justin Bieber and fatherhood.