Roll over Jenny Craig and tell Nutrisystem the news. DJ Khaled has signed on with Weight Watchers as their new social media ambassador and he’s putting his mouth where his money is.

“I already got rid of 20 pounds and ready for more,” he wrote on Instagram. “Ride with me on my journey to greatness. Bless up Weight Watchers!!!”

The post included a video in which Khaled is sitting at the table eating and talking to his fiancee Nicole Tuck off camera, and of course, his son Asahd makes a cameo as well.

Taking his role as social media ambassador seriously, Khaled posted three other Instagram messages. He also tweeted about his new role and wrote on Snapchat.

“To be great is to be healthy. To be healthy means a shift in my lifestyle. And the new WW Freestyle program is all about healthier habits for my life,” he said in a statement.

Weight Watchers’ stock increased eight percent yesterday following the announcement that Khaled was onboard, according to The Washington Post.

The latest Weight Watchers program launched in December and uses an expanded points system that features more than 200 different foods.

See one of Khaled’s promotional posts below.