A couple of weeks back, Brooklyn-based DJ/producer John McSwain uploaded a seamless Drake and Sade mashup to his VACATIONS—SoundCloud account. Let’s just say it’s about as smooth as it gets.

Featuring the multicultural production of Drizzy’s More Life instrumentals along with Sade’s time-tested voice, the four-track project—titled More Love—is about as seamless as it gets. If you didn’t know any better, you might even have thought the legendary songstress had recorded fresh vocals specifically for the tracks.

More Love is, indeed, a collection of mashups, and it’s definitely a fire one. It’s so fire, in fact, Oliver El-Khatib, who hosts Drizzy’s OVO Sound Radio, played it during the May 27 episode. So you can bet everyone at OVO is digging the new mix.

[XXL Mag]