Many hip hop fans have been comparing Drake’s More Life and Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN., since K. Dot’s latest album dropped a few weeks ago.

People have even been taking sides and saying who they felt was the better rapper between the two. Whether these music fans have been voicing their opinions in face-to-face conversations or on social media, no one has been shy to speak their unfiltered piece.

Fortunately, these arguments haven’t gotten the two rappers’ heads. Over the weekend, Drake showed love to Lamar for the Compton rapper’s successful project. DAMN. sold more units than More Life did in its first week and Drizzy congratulated Lamar for this achievement.

Drake commented under an Instagram post that showed DAMN. and More Life’s first week sales, “Amazing to see our music moving!!!” Drizzy liked the photo, as well. Check out the post below.

Real recognize real.