Ryan Reynolds has revealed the first official photo of Josh Brolin in-character as Cable from the upcoming sequel, Deadpool 2. The Cable character was first confirmed as being part of the Deadpool movie sequel in the post-credits scene from The Merc With a Mouth’s live-action solo film debut, with Reynolds’ Wade Wilson cracking wise that he would be played by someone appropriate for the role – like Keira Knightley, for example.

Just last week, Reynolds released the first official photo of his Deadpool 2 costar Zazie Beetz (Atlanta) in character as another key player in the sequel – namely Domino. It’s only fitting, then, that Reynolds should once again be the one to take to Twitter and reveal Brolin in-costume as Cable, after weeks of Brolin posting photos of himself either from the film’s set – getting fitted for his Cable makeup – or working out, in order to get into tip-top shape to portray the musclebound, time-traveling mutant.

At long last, though, we now know what Brolin will look like as Cable in Deadpool 2. Check out the photo in Reynolds’ Tweet, below!

[Screen Rant] here’s a full body shot: