Gucci Mane’s book The Autobiography of Gucci Mane came out Tuesday (Sept. 19) and the rapper visited a New York City Barnes and Noble to sign copies and meet fans. He expected to calmly share his journey from prison to the Billboard charts but instead, the rapper was accosted by animal rights protestors. A man (posing as a fan) waited in line for face time with Gucci but as he approached the rapper, he revealed his actual intentions.

“Word on the street is that you’re going vegan, brother,” the protestor said to Gucci, as he whipped out a cloth sign. “But you can’t be vegan if you keep wearing that fur!”

A female protestor in line joined the man in a chant of “Shame on Gucci—animal abuser!”

Security guards quickly escorted the protestors out of the signing. Video of the incident was obtained by TMZ and the protestors were identified as members of New York Animal Defenders.

Watch the dramatic book-signing moment, which contains some explicit language, now at

Gucci shared happier images from the event on Instagram: