Halsey has literally painted a picture of what to expect next.

The “Without Me” singer launched a live stream on Thursday, as fans watched her turn a large blank canvas into a colorful portrait, with rainbow streaks of hair and a circle of blue around the eye. It concluded with the debut of her new song, “Graveyard,” and an official title for her upcoming album.

Manic will arrive on January 17. It will be her third album and first since 2017.

Halsey has previously said that she feels like she’s speaking directly to fans on her upcoming LP, and the first two samples back it up. First with the self-assured “Nightmare,” standing up for women and getting real about body image, and now with “Graveyard,” a track dedicated to following love down unpleasant paths and letting that emotion rule over other instincts until the end.

“It’s crazy when the thing you love the most is the detriment,” she sings over a somber fingerpicking guitar. “Let that sink in.”

As the arrangement builds, so does the weight of her own choices and these feelings, knowing she would have let love take her to the deepest and darkest places. “When you go down all your darkest roads, I would’ve followed all the way to the graveyard,” she aches in the chorus.