lessia Cara stopped by Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to perform about her new single “Growing Pains”, off of her upcoming sophomore album, The Pains of Growing – expected to be released in September.


The 21-year-old Grammy award-winning artist admitted that her sophomore album is very different from her first record.

“I think I was a lot more honest this time around, in terms of what I’m going through and some of the negative things I’m going through that I didn’t necessarily touch on the first time. It’s a lot more introspective. More mature. That last album was very teen angst times a thousand!”

What can we expect from Alessia on her next tour (minus dancing, ha!)? Something more refined than she’s done in the past. It’s been three years since her debut solo album, and she’s a different person now.

“I think I want to make it a bit more simple, artistic, more sophisticated,” Alessia told Elvis Duran about her thoughts on what she hopes her album tour will be.