Camila Cabello, 20, stopped by to chat about her first solo album, The Healing. The Hurting. The Loving. She opened up about using real things going on in her life for inspiration on writing the album. Camila approached it with fearlessness, which she said she gets from her parents.

“I always just imagine the moment when I die, when I’m old. And I just imagine me looking back on my life.” She continued, “A lot of the time I make decisions based on going backward. What is there to be afraid of really? We all have such a limited time on earth.”

An exact release date has not yet been announced, but her album will likely hit shelves in September. Camila told us today that she’s STILL writing songs for it, but will eventually have to give herself a cut-off day.

“My fans… I want to feed them. I want to give them music!”

Keep on eye out for Camila’s first solo album, The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving. and stay up-to-date with Camila on Twitter and Instagram!

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