Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz stopped by to celebrate his upcoming performance at Elvis Duran’s Summer Bash in NYC.

The group will hit the road this September for their Mania Tour, playing major cities across the US, Canada, Australia and more.

Pete opened up about the hardships of touring, following the news that Justin Bieber canceled the remaining 14 shows on his Purpose World Tour.

“If you’ve been on tour for 13 months, or whatever he has, you know, I think that if you’re doing something for your own mental health, I think that’s super important,” he said about Bieber’s tour cancellation.
Pete went on to discuss struggles of finding a proper living situation while touring and how the glamor of hotels wears off quickly. When traveling, the band doesn’t often get to see the cities they’re playing. He has to actively remind himself to go out walking and enjoy the places where they perform whenever he has a few spare hours.

He also recognized how important it is to him, and the band, that they show up and give an excellent performance for every show they do.

“While this is like night 150 for us of [touring], these people who are coming out, this is maybe the one night they’re cutting loose and get to go to the [concert] and so it’s a really important moment. That for me, you don’t want to lose the thought of that.”
Fall Out Boy’s new album, Mania, is available for pre-order on iTunes right now. You can also get Mania tour dates and tickets on falloutboy.com.

[Elvis Duran]