One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson stopped by to talk about going solo and releasing his latest single, “Back To You,” with Bebe Rexha!

The 25-year-old singer chatted about his experience bringing Bebe back to his hometown, Doncaster, and introducing her to his humble beginnings. “As a celebrity, you can’t surround yourself with celebrities all the time,” he told us about the fundamental importance of staying close with his friends from back home.

He also opened up to the newness of going solo. As a part of One Direction, Louis was the jokester. Now on his own, he says he’s learning on the job.

“Everything feels different now,” Louis told us. “Where there was 4 or 5 of us in an interview, [we] could all essentially, not deliberately, but you could all essentially play a little bit of a role. My role would often be to kind of stop it from being so serious and throw a joke in every now and then.” He went on to say that he can’t do that as a solo artist because everyone will think he’s an idiot!

Going off on his own, Louis has discovered a lot about himself, for instance, he’s a perfectionist and doesn’t always love the sound of his voice. He also learned that he gets more pride out of writing a great song!

Tomlinson has a behind-the-scenes writing gig for another act but won’t spill the beans on who it is. The one hint we managed to pull out of him is that he’s writing for a group with a lot of dancing!


Check out our full video interview with Louis below!

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