Is Taylor Swift hinting at the impending release of her long-awaited seventh album? A whole lot of her fans certainly think so.

While the 91st Academy Awards monopolized America’s attention Sunday night, Swift quietly took to Instagram to share a stylistic and artistically modified snapshot of a tree-covered hill in Los Angeles with a number of large palms jutting up into a teal sky.

While the photo seemed innocuous enough, it was Swift’s caption that really seemed to capture people’s attention.

The singer cryptically posted the pic alongside seven palm tree emojis — which naturally led people to assume the post was about her long-rumored TS7 album (and not just a photo of foliage).

The scenic snapshot was followed by another heavily filtered photo showing the singer sitting on a spiral staircase in a fringe-covered gown.

While she captioned this pic with only a single heart, fans couldn’t help but notice that the songstress was sitting on the seventh step from the top — which they again took as quiet confirmation of their suspicions.

Analyzing the content of the photos actually drew people’s attention to some possible hints in her palm tree pic. Apart from there simply being seven palms, there are four on the left side of the image, two on the right, and one in the center.

This has led to a few possible conclusions. Perhaps the palm trees relate to the new album’s release date (four palms, one palm and two palms, so four-one-two or April 12), or Swift is simultaneously teasing a surprise performance at Coachella (the first weekend of which happens to take place on April 12).

Others feel that the 60 (or 61) stars in the teal sky could indicate the number of days until the first song is released, meaning we could be getting a new Swift single sometime in May.

However, a new post that Swift shared Monday afternoon — which showed the singer standing behind a lattice fence and featured a strong yellow filter — led some fans to think the posts are serving as a countdown and we could be getting new music sooner than previously believed.

Looking at the photos in chronological order, we see that there are seven palm trees, then we see that Swift is actually sitting on the sixth step from the bottom, and in the more recent photo there are five openings in the latticework.

What happens when Swift’s countdown reaches one?

Via: Entertainment Tonight