The Jonas Brothers have already had two smash hits from their reunion album, Happiness Begins, but that didn’t stop Nick, Joe and Kevin from paying a visit to Songland on Tuesday night (June 18) in search of their next “Sucker” or “Cool.” Luckily for them, they were in a comfortable spot in their return to prime time TV, because the co-producer/co-writer of those two hits (and the album’s executive producer), OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, holds one of the permanent mentor seats on the NBC songwriter competition show.

“Lookin’ for a big ‘ol hit today,” Nick said as the brothers took their seats on Tuesday night’s (June 18) show. “I think the thing we’re looking for most is something that hits us right between the eyes. That we know we can take around the world and play for our fans everywhere we go.”

And they found it in Abel Heart. He had a promising Olympic skateboarding dream but was derailed when he injured his back at 15. “A well-written song can save somebody’s life,” he said of how songwriting helped his recovery.

Here’s the original version of his song:

And here’s the re-worked version that the Jonas Brothers picked!

And here’s the final version recorded by the Jonas Brothers: