Justin Bieber’s “Intentions” from his new Changes album is already a bop, but now, we can enjoy a gorgeous acoustic version of the pop track.

Bieber’s acoustic version of “Intentions” is simply Justin and his acoustic guitar (and sans Quavo’s verse) as he sings about his wife in the lyrics, like in the chorus, “Picture perfect, you don’t need no filter/ Gorgeous, make ’em drop dead, you a killer/ Shower you with all my attention/ Yeah, these are my only intentions/ Stay in the kitchen cookin’ up, got your own bread/ Heart full of equity, you’re an asset/ Make sure that you don’t need no mentions/ Yeah, these are my only intentions.”

After sharing his new version of “Intentions,” he said to fans on social media, “You asked for it. Intentions acoustic for the #changes album. Now stay inside.”

[Elvis Duran]