Justin Bieber has made his share of movie cameos, most notably his role in Zoolander 2. He also got a taste of box office success with Never Say Never, his 2011 3D concert experience. Bieber will return to the big screen in an unexpected star vehicle for pal David Hasselhoff entitled Killing Hasselhoff. The independently financed comedy lampoons Hasselhoff’s career and legacy with references to Night Rider, Baywatch and more.

The ‘Hoff revealed that Bieber appears during the film’s conclusion, reports Digital Spy. So, what’s the superstar celebrity play? He’s the voice of Hasselhoff’s talking car KITT from Night Rider.

“[Justin] is in the very last scene in the movie—although I’m not supposed to mention anything!” Hasselhoff said on Good Morning Britain. “He’s a friend of mine, you see. I did him a favor by doing a video that was never released and so he did me a favor by riding in the Knight Rider car at the end of the movie with me – it was quite a surprise.”

Hasselhoff dropped more details about the film’s plot—which involves a guy who resorts to desperate measures to pay his debts.

“I produced the movie. It’s a comedy and I’m really proud of it,” he said. “It took about two-and-a-half years to finally get released and now it’s coming out on digital on September 18.”

The ‘Hoff also weighed in on Bieber’s recent decision to terminate his Purpose Tour with 14 shows left.

“You have just got to pick yourself up and keep going forward,” he said. “He’s quite young. I just saw him in concert and he is damn good. He is terrific. I saw him backstage afterwards and he has this level of maturity that is really nice.”

Watch the trailer for Killing Hasselhoff here: