It’s been four years since Kelly Rowland dropped a studio album, but the singer and former Destiny’s Child member is spending time in the studio. In a new interview Rowland said she’s writing and recording with Syd of The Internet.

“Syd’s voice just sucks you in,” Rowland  told The Fader. “Everything about her is just so effortless. I love working with her in the studio. I think I played that song [“Girl”] at least a thousand times. It makes me feel sexy, feminine, and easy.”

Rowland said the run-up to her next album has been a period of soul-searching.

“You have this moment to evolve and you have a platform to say something,” she said. “Right after I had my son I didn’t know what I wanted to talk about. I just found this place and found a groove and everything started to pop into place. I’m really excited.”

 The singer added that her journey as a performer has evolved in step with the life stages she’s passed through.

“I’m not in my 20s, but I’m not in my 50s,” she said. “I’m in this really glorious time where I’m receiving a lot of information and I feel like I have to give that back out too. That’s more than enough to talk about. My theme is the extraordinary simple life of me. It’s a really colorful, beautiful record so far.”

Via: Radio.Com