Kendall Jenner posted some nude modeling shots to Instagram where she bares nearly everything to the world, and the Internet being the Internet has found an imperfection to obsess over, but it’s something that has appeared in many of Jenner’s pics – her feet.

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People are pointing out the length of the 22-year-old’s toes in the shots taken by photographer Sasha Samsonova.

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Among the comments are:

“Your toes look weird”

“Are her feet her hands???? WTF?? I’m confused 🤣🤣🤣”

“I’m pure looking at her toes 😂😂😂can’t not look”

“What are those!!!! Oh.. Your feet…”

“Oh my those toes”

“Beautiful. But the positioning of ur toes… ruined it for some reason…”

and many others.

The unsolicited critiques won’t surprise Kendall though – she’s well aware of her toe length and even called it out before. A couple years ago in Elle she spoke about squeezing her little piggies into high heels saying:

“Yeah, it’s kind of painful! I’ll be honest. I have the longest toes in the world; they’re spider toes. They are. I have spider fingers, too! So they’re kind of being crunched right now…”

Regardless of her spider finger toes, she looks amazing.

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