In 2016, college graduate (and huge Kendrick Lamar fan) Jennifer Phillips started a GoFundMe page to raise money for a new van. Phillips is wheelchair-bound and needed a vehicle that would improve her mobility. Despite her handicap, Jennifer went to a Kendrick show in Dallas last night (July 17) and met the rapper backstage.

The meet-and-greet started with the rapper giving her a signed jacket—a nice gesture. Then Kendrick made a life-changing offer; he promised to buy her a van. Phillips was injured in a car accident and rendered quadriplegic, and her lack of adequate transportation has made it hard to spend time with her daughter.

Both Jennifer and Kendrick shared updates on social media chronicling the good deed.

“Hi, I’m ‘Disabled Fan’ lol what you missed is that the autographed jacket said he was buying me a new wheelchair van. Give him his props pls,” she wrote, adding that she was still in “shock.”