Kesha opened up about her personal struggles on the way to achieve fame today (August 10) on CBS This Morning where she read a letter of advice she would give her 18-year-old self. The letter deals with personal and professionals difficulties she experienced, such as an eating disorder, severe anxiety and crippling insecurity, plus how it will also help lead her to writing “Rainbow.”

“Dear Kesha, at this very moment, you may be wondering if it was a really a good idea to drop out of high school and move to L.A. with nothing but your grandpa’s Lincoln town car and a demo tape,” she writes in her letter. “I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news, and I know you’re a tad impatient so I’ll start with the good news: You made it! The bad news is, you nearly killed yourself on the road to success, fueled by fear of failure, crippling anxiety and insecurity.”

She went on to write about how she struggled to live up to the expectation of “toxic people” who praised her skinny look while she was struggling with bulimia and anorexia. She reads, “this will really, really mess with your head.”

Despite her challenges, Kesha ended her letter on a hopeful note, saying that she will meet kids who have struggled with many of the same difficulties and that her music “helped save their life.”

“You’re gonna be really proud of it because there is light and beauty after the storm, no matter how hard things get,” she reads. “You’re going to write this song so you remember to make it through.”

Via: Radio.Com