Logic dropped “1-800-273-8255” with Alessia Cara and Khalid on April 28, which is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline phone number. Now, the rapper is declaring the track to be the “most important” one he has ever written.

He shared a press release from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline today (July 13), which speaks to the specific impacts the song had on the organization. In the song, Logic plays the roles of a suicidal individual, along with the response operator trying to help him.

According to the press release, the organization received its highest daily call volume in its history, receiving “over 4,573 calls that day” for an increase of 27% the average volume.

Their Facebook page received 3x its usual amount of views and their website saw an increase of 100,000 visitors for the months of April and May.

The press release revealed Google searches related to Lifeline also spiked on April 28, as “there was another smaller spike the day of the album release, and searches for the phone number have remained at a new baseline that is 25% higher than before the song was released.”

“For me it wasn’t about promoting the number at first,” Logic told 92.3 AMP Radio last month. “It was about promoting the awareness of wanting the listening to continue to survive and be alive. And, in the very final hours before the album came out we asked for permission of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline—if they would give us their blessing and they did. It made me feel really good that they gave me that permission. It was extremely humbling.”