Michael B. Jordan doesn’t want Conor McGregor’s people to call his people about a role in ‘Creed 3’ … because it seems like MBJ ain’t at all interested in sharing the screen with the Irish mega-star.

We got Mike out in NYC — wearing a Game Of Thrones style shoulder sheath with an umbrella in it (pulled it off too) — and asked him if he’d be into the idea of Conor popping up in the next flick.

“Eh, I don’t know about that man.”

Now we should say … Adonis Creed (Michael’s character) fights at heavyweight, and Conor is like 155 pounds, so without a hell of a weight cut, we’re now sure how the two would fight.

Still though, interesting that MBJ didn’t even sound excited at all to share the screen in any way with Conor … is the shine coming off the Irishman’s star?

BTW … we also asked about Deontay Wilder’s chances of popping up in the movie … something that two other stars of the flick have already said they’re down for … and Michael seemed more receptive.

Only slightly though. … Michael is a very tough casting director.

Via: TMZ