Nine Inch Nails will drop two new EPs before the end of the year to finish their trilogy of releases that started with their Dec. 2016 first volume, Not the Actual Events. The second installment, Add Violence, will arrive July 21.

The band also debuted the opening track “Less Than” in anticipation of the impending release of their five-track EP. The video showcases a woman hypnotized by an 8-bit looking video game, which features lyrics from the new song.

An underlying electronic sound evokes this video game vibe, while frontman Trent Reznor sings, “We didn’t even notice/ We awake in a place/ We can barely recognize, yeah/ Hypnosis.”

According to the band’s press release, the upcoming record “finds the band becoming more accessible and impenetrable at the same time.”

“The sonic palette expands significantly from Not the Actual Events, incorporating elements of beauty into the dark dissonance,” it continued. “The narrative arc linking the three records begins to emerge through the disassociated lyrics and the provocative and clue-filed cover artwork and accompanying physical component.”

Pre-order the album on their website.

Tracklist for Add Violence:
1. Less Than
2. The Lovers
3. This Isn’t The Place
4. Not Anymore
5. The Background World