1. Thanks for coming to my school and hosting the voice at game go bobcats. Also if you don’t remembered I was the one who sang how far I’ll go by alessia cara

  2. Can you guys please play these songs I’ve been waiting for me to hear them on air 106.1 the weekend attention, and nothing with out you nd J Cole intro pleasee

  3. Its not fair because we were calling for the tickets for enrique iglesia and you guys kept hanging up. How is my wife or me able to reach you guys if you guys kept hanging up on us guys. Its not gair. Once we heard the sound to able to win the tickets for enrique iglesia nd pitbulls if you guys kept hanging up on us. Thats not fair.

    1. Hi Ramiro, during a contest of this caliber our influx of phone calls is abundant and because of that, you got the message saying “thank you goodbye.” We weren’t purposely hanging up on you, our lines were just tied up. Like I said, it’s a hot contest and we had plenty of chances for listeners to win in September and then again during this month. Thank you for reaching out.


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