The son of Adalberto “Beto” Ramirez. Sammy Enjoys doing stand up comedy, learning to play the drums, and collecting all genres of music. What makes his life a little better? Sammy enjoys Mexican Food and sweets, Hip Hop, alternative, Latin, and jazz music, and brunettes. He’s a big fan of Calaveras (skulls) because of his personal relationship to the celebration of  Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead). He has a total of 9  tattoos that he’s very proud of and you can ask to see them whenever you want. He’s a proud father of 2 great kids and husband to their wonderful mom! He started in radio when he was 12 believe it or not and has been working in radio since 1992!  Sammy, your friendly neighborhood HUG dealer.


Sammy wants everyone to know that you can always approach him wherever you see him. Don't forget to ask him for the secret to happiness.Click here for my blog.

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Sammy “The House” Ramirez

20 YEARS!: Sammy has been on the radio 20 years as of June 2012

Sammy's rap group: STARSCHOOL


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