Rachel Platten has always been one of our favorite stars, and seeing the way she has handled her recent “National Anthem blunder” has reminded us why we love the star even more.

The 36-year-old star had a tough moment when she forgot the words to the National Anthem at a soccer game in Utah this past weekend. In fact, she had to restart the song twice.

“I was so nervous going into it,” she tells PEOPLE Magazine. “The anthem is such a big deal; it’s the probably the most important song for our country.”

What happened? She says that her mind “just went blank” during Saturday’s performance.

However, it’s Rachel’s resilience that we’re TOTALLY in awe of after the incident.

In fact, Platten had to go back out to perform a concert (for that same crowd) after the soccer game,

“The crowd was so kind. It was just so much love that I didn’t even know if I deserved at the moment,” she tells PEOPLE. “So my takeaway was, ‘God, people could be really kind even when I’m not willing to give that to myself.’”