Rebecca Black is all grown up and making it clear on “Sweetheart,” premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Oct. 24). The sassy tune finds the 22-year-old reclaiming her sensuality as she brushes off men who prefer submissive women than a dominant force.

“Don’t call me a sweetheart, s–t like that makes my skin crawl / Bury that girl in the backyard, betcha didn’t think I’d take you that far,” Black cheekily coos on the chorus atop a snapping melody.

“I love seeing women, especially in pop, be so unafraid to say what’s on their minds and share the experiences they’ve been going through,” Black tells Billboard. “Obviously this has been happening throughout our whole entertainment industry. But I have definitely felt this newer sense of empowerment.”

“One thing that I have just always felt [overwhelmed by] is having to be sweet and kind and strong and nice and pretty. And ‘Sweetheart’ is me saying ‘No, I’m done with that.’ I’m not who I was anymore and I’ll never be that.”

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“Sweetheart” (for which an accompanying video will arrive on Oct. 26 on Black’s YouTube channel) follows a stream of new tunes, including “Do You?” and “Anyway.”

Get into the groove below, before “Sweetheart” officially hits streaming services tomorrow.

Via: Billboard