Selena Gomez has shed a bit of light on what she values about her relationship with The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye).

“I’m lucky because he’s more of a best friend than anything else,” she said in a new interview with InStyle.

Gomez explained that although she cherishes her relationship she doesn’t ever want to be in a position where her life is consumed by a single person.

“I don’t depend on one area of my life to make me happy,” she said. “It’s really important for me to love and nourish my friends and family and to make sure that I never get influenced by a guy.”

She added that she has worked hard to bolster her self-confidence and become more independent. “I’ve wanted to be in a strong head space for years, and I really wasn’t,” she said. “Before, I was so young and easily influenced, and I’d feel insecure. You want someone to add to your life, not to complete you, if that makes sense.”

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InStyle September issue.

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