Shawn Mendes stopped by Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to celebrate the release of his new single, “If I Can’t Have You,” just ahead of his SNL musical guest appearance on May 4th alongside Adam Sandler. The 20-year-old Canadian musician and two-time Grammy nominee opened up about being named ‘Prince Of Pop’ by Observer magazine and his playful ‘feud’ with Justin Bieber over the title.

When Elvis Duran asked Shawn to give a definite answer to the ‘Prince Of Pop’ debate, Shawn admitted he was hesitant to post the photo from his spread with Observer. He believes there is not just one ‘Prince,’ but immediately regretted his decision to share the image on social media as soon as it went up. Justin Bieber caught on to Shawn’s Instagram photo, leaving a tongue-in-cheek comment about breaking a few more album records before dethroning him as the previously dubbed ‘Prince Of Pop.’

“He is one of the main reasons I started doing what I do, and probably, not just me… Many, many, many other pop artists and other artists in the industry right now,” Mendes said about Justin. He later joked that if the two of them were to fight it out for official title owner, that Justin would definitely win. “I’m bigger and I weigh more, [but] I think he has another type level that he can click into that I don’t have. I don’t possess the switch.”