We’re so excited for our friend Darren Criss to make his small screen premiere in The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, January 17th at 10 PM ET on FX!

The 9-episode series will tell the story of serial killer Andrew Cunanan, played by Criss, and his murderous role in the death of famed Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace.

“Actors and artists are only as good as the moments they are given,” Darren told us about his killer role.

This is the second season of FX’s American Crime Story, following the success of season one’s The People v. O. J. Simpson.

Digging deeper into the real-life personality of his character, Darren told us that he doesn’t feel bad for Andrew Cunanan, but he does have a certain about of empathy.

“Andrew had a lot of demons that I think the pressure cooker of the social landscape around him […] fostered an unhealthy sense of over-ambition and longing for what he couldn’t have.”

Darren hopes viewers can bend their own senses of empathy and find parallels to Cunanan’s story in their own lives.

“We are way closer to the darkest parts of ourselves than any of us care to admit,” Darren admitted Elvis Duran.


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