Hang onto to your sorrows, because the the Weeknd’s new album My Dear Melancholy is coming. You heard me, the Weeknd confirmed that he’s dropping his new album Friday.


The cover of the project looks mysterious and sad af. Have fun Spring plans this weekend? Cancel them, because Abel Tesfaye and his dimly-lit face are here to remind you why misery loves company.

My Dear Melancholy follows the Weeknd’s 2016 album Starboy. Until this month, we didn’t even know he was getting ready to drop a new project. But ever since Travis Scott spilled the beans, Abel has been sharing cryptic messages, hinting that the album will be here sooner rather than later. Last week, he posted some clips captioned “mastering,” revealing that the Toronto sad boy was putting on the final touches.


On Tuesday, he posted a text convo with his high school friend turned creative director ​La Mar Taylor that reads, “Should we drop Friday? I’m indifferent to be honest.” He didn’t explicitly say album, but clearly he was talking about My Dear Melancholy. The singer was also spotted showing off his hoverboard skills in Los Angeles, filming what appears to be a new music video.


There has yet to be a single, video, or anything at all released that is connected to this new album, but Abel decided to say f*ck it and drop the whole damn thing tonight. The art and the title of the project suggests Toronto’s premier sad boy may be clinging to his darker, moodier side, which Travis also alluded to in a tweet praising its “scary” sound. Last week marked the seventh anniversary of the release of his crooning debut mixtape House of Balloons, so it’s the perfect time for the Weeknd to release some new music.