The Internet 1, Will Smith’s Genie character, 0.

Peoples reactions to Will Smith as Genie in the forthcoming live-action Aladdin has further proved the Internet has zero chill. The 50-year-old actor was forced to defend his character’s appearance after Entertainment Weekly revealed the first photos of the Disney film and fans had… mixed reactions (to put it nicely). In short, many were appalled, downright flabbergasted, by the fact that Genie was not blue in the shots shown of the film, and they weren’t shy about sharing their negative opinions.

“BAM!! First look at the Genie 🧞‍♂️, Princess Jasmine, and #Aladdin! Check Me Rockin’ the Top Knot Ponytail Vibes in @entertainmentweekly 😆,” Will initially captioned his posting of the EW Aladdin cover to Instagram Wednesday (December 19). However, once he got wind of the non-blue Genie fallout, the legendary actor adjusted his caption, adding: “(and yes, I’m gonna be BLUE! 🙂 ).”

Will further explained to a fan, who asked about Genie’s non-blue appearance, why he’s not blue on the EW cover. “I’m gonna be BLUE! 🙂 This is how the Genie is in Human / Disguise Form. My character will be CGI most of the movie,” he wrote.

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