If you miss seeing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air on screen, you’re in luck.

Thanks to CGI de-aging technology, a younger, stealthier version of Will Smith — who looks a lot like his goofy ’90s sitcom character — appears in the actor’s upcoming movie, “Gemini Man.”
In a trailer for the Ang Lee film released Wednesday, Smith plays an aging assassin who finds himself in the crosshairs of another killer who he just can’t seem to shake.
After Smith’s character Henry Brogen notices that an assassin tracking him knows his every move before he even makes it, it’s revealed that Brogen’s assassin is actually a younger version of himself.

Using CGI de-aging technology, filmmakers turned back time on Smith’s looks by giving him that characteristic early-’90s high-top fade, removing his gray hairs and smoothing his face.
“The emotional and physical challenges of making this film have been the most demanding of my career,” Smith said in a statement. “This is not only an action film, but an exploration of what one’s younger self can ultimately teach one’s older self.

“I’m 50 years old now, and the irony of becoming 23-year-old Junior in this film is that 23-year-old me wouldn’t have been ready for this experience or to take on this role,” he said.
Director Ang Lee added in a statement, “thanks to incredible new digital technology, not only can we finally see both younger and older Will Smith embodied together on screen, but we can also experience the story in a deeply immersive way.”
De-aging technology is becoming increasingly popular in movies’ flashback scenes. In the recent “Captain Marvel,” the technology was used to portray a younger version of Samuel L. Jackson’s and Clark Gregg’s characters, Nick Fury and Phil Coulson.

Via: CNN