Disney’s live-action adaptation of the beloved animated classic Aladdin hits theaters later this month, though fans don’t seem to be too excited for the upcoming film. The film has received its fair share of criticism during it’s promotional run, especially when it comes to Will Smith’s take on the Genie character. In the days leading up to the film’s release, fans are disappointed once again after Disney released a clip of an iconic musical number from Aladdin.

Disney released a one minute clip of “Prince Ali” from the live-action adaptation of Aladdin on Tuesday (May 14) and some fans were pretty underwhelmed by what they saw. The clip features Smith’s (not blue) Genie singing the beloved song as Aladdin rides through Agrabah on an elephant. Here’s the clip:

Some fans felt the clip lacked the same energy as the original animated version. “How could they make ‘Prince Ali’ so boring?” one person wrote on Twitter. “It’s one of the best musical numbers in any Disney movie?”


Though there were more tweets expressing disappointment in the “low energy” of the clip, some fans defended the live-action version’s take on the musical number. “Will Smith’s Prince Ali version is not as flashy because this is a live-action, NOT a cartoon. Give Will’s Genie a chance! Geesh,” one person wrote.

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