5 Seconds of Summer Feel ‘No Shame’ in Trippy New Video

5 Seconds of Summer unleashed the zany video for their new single “No Shame” on Friday (Feb. 7).

Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, the visual finds the quartet of Aussie pop-rockers engaging in various acts of subterfuge and recklessness all in the name of getting some shameless attention, no matter the cost. While frontman Luke Hemmings fakes his funeral, bassist Calum Hood turns the all-American dream of 1950s suburbia — think two kids and a white picket fence — on its head thanks to some seriously creepy vibes and a wife with a wild side.

“I only light up when cameras are flashin’/ Never enough and no satisfaction/ Got no shame/ I love the way you’re screamin’ my name/ Diggin’ my grave to get a reaction/ Changin’ my face and callin’ it fashion/ Got no shame/ I love the way you’re screaming my name,” Hemmings wails from inside a room covered ceiling-to-floor in leopard print with blinking cat eyes.

“No Shame” serves as the third single — following “Easier” and “Teeth” — off the band’s upcoming fourth studio album, Calm which is slated for release March 27 via Interscope Records. The new LP will follow up on the success of 2018’s Youngblood, which spawned the guys’ first top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 thanks to its earmworm of a title track.

Check out the trippy video for “No Shame” below.

Via: Billboard