New York natives, AJR stopped by Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Tuesday, October 8th to talk their upcoming shows at Radio City Music Hall and the importance of not living your life for the Instagram likes. Since their debut in 2013, AJR aka Adam, Jack and Ryan Met, have brought us amazing songs like ‘I’m Ready’, ‘Weak’ and more recently their single ‘100 Days.’

Today in the Mercedes Benz Interview Lounge, AJR performed two songs for us. The first, one of Elvis Duran’s favorites ‘Dear Winter.’ The lyrics go, “Dear Winter, I hope you talk to girls Or boys or anyone you like I just hope you don’t stay in every night ‘Cause I wish I was out tonight.”

What really took us by surprise was their cover of Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star.’ The tweets and texts were flying in of Elvis Duran’s listeners loving this rendition of the hit song. Watch below and let us know what you think!

[Elvis Duran]