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Alicia Keys shares the moment she learned she was the ‘No. 1 R&B Artist of the Millennium’

Plus, the iconic ‘Girl on Fire’ artist shares details about her upcoming world tour.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Alicia Keys and Fallon took a stroll down memory lane and looked back at the start of Keys’ career, before discussing her status as the “No.1 R&B Artist of the Millennium.”

The talk show host revealed a photo of Alicia at sixteen years old working out of her home studio. Keys noted that her bedroom used to be her studio. Looking back at her old setup and studio gear Keys joked, “There are definitely songs I feel that, if I play, would be embarrassing.”

The artist spoke about her first song ever, which appeared on the Dr. Doolittle soundtrack. Keys said that her track “Rear View Mirror” was her “first real attempt at an official release.” She continued, “When I listen to it now I kind of – I can hear all the insecurities and all the things. But, it’s beautiful right?”

Fallon continued, revealing that Keys is “Officially, the Most Certified Female R&B Artist – ready – of the Millennium.”

Alicia responded, “I have to be honest, I had to look up the word millennium.” “I was feeling really proud of that,” added the “Girl on Fire” songstress. “My husband actually surprised me with it. Somehow he got the news first and I was washing dishes in the kitchen and he comes up over to me with the camera…He was like ‘so how do you feel?’ And I’m like ‘Huh? I’m washing the dishes.’”

Finally, Swizz Beatz broke the news to Keys and she said she was “so proud, but shy, but like excited and I worked all my life for this.”

This summer, Keys will be embarking on a world tour, which will kick off in the U.K. on June 9 and run until September 24, closing in Nashville, Tennessee. This will be Alicia’s first tour since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of society in March 2020. The tour will support her 2020 ALICIA album as well as her 2021 record, KEYS.