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Ariana Grande and Ty Dolla $ign Team Up For Vibey ‘Safety Net’ Live Performance Video

Thought you’d seen the last of fuschia-gloved Ariana Grande? Think again. The 28-year-old “Positions” singer released the second performance of her exclusive live series with Vevo, this time a duet with Ty Dolla $ign for their song “Safety Net.” The video opens with a bird’s eye view of Grande as she sings.

The camera twists, turns and pans between Grande and Ty Dolla $ign throughout the performance as they tag team verses, a huge halo of light above them pulsing between the colors blue and yellow.

Grande’s first Vevo performance was of her Positions hit “POV,” which has spent 17 weeks so far on the Billboard Hot 100. This first video, which June 21 and already has 14 million views, features Grande singing in the same trippy, dimly-lit field of flowers. Both performances are available on Grande’s YouTube channel.

Like her “POV” performance, Grande’s “Safety Net” video is rooted in the concept of duality, according to the press release. “Vevo’s Official Live Performances are the result of close creative collaboration with artists and their teams, resulting in a series of very special exclusive performances,” it reads.

These Positions live performances are not the first time Grande has partnered with Vevo. They’ve previously worked together in 2013 and 2016 for “Vevo Presents” performances of “Dangerous Woman,” “Be Alright,” “Leave Me Lonely,” “Greedy” and “Into You.”

Watch Ari perform “safety net” live with Ty Dolla $ign: