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Flying off the top rope as wrestling’s next big superstar is… Bad Bunny?

The reggaetón superstar was one of the main highlights at WWE’s Royal Rumble as he took the entryway to perform his song “Booker T” as the song’s namesake wrestler stood beside him. At the end of the song, Booker T delivered his catchphrase “Can you dig it, sucka?”

Earlier in the week, Bad Bunny told Billboard “performing at the Royal Rumble is a childhood dream come true.”

“I have been a lifelong fan of WWE and I am excited to take the stage and entertain fans around the world.”

While fans were certainly excited to see Bad Bunny perform at the Royal Rumble, it came as a complete shock when he decided to take part in the match.

The Miz and his tag team partner, John Morrison, wrecked his DJ equipment on their way to the ring and that set Bad Bunny off.

Bunny stormed down the walkway shouting at the tag team pair as they yelled back at him while standing on the ropes. As Bad Bunny distracted them, The Miz and John Morrison were eliminated when another wrestler hit them out of the ring.

Not satisfied with their elimination, Bad Bunny climbed atop the turnbuckle and proceeded to launch himself off the ring straight into the two wrestlers who destroyed his DJ equipment.