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Ben Affleck Tries Not to Be an Annoying Sports Dad

Ben Affleck’s son Samuel plays basketball. Meaning that like a lot of other dads, Ben has to work at NOT being that guy in the stands who takes things too seriously. But he doesn’t always succeed.

He says, quote, “I have found myself just this year really embarrassing myself. I was at a basketball game for 11-year-olds, loudly complaining about the inconsistencies of the traveling calls against [them].

“And I just was like, ‘Get a hold of yourself. Do not be a Scott, sitting here bitching about the guys calling, traveling.'”

He adds, quote, “It’s that thing, I think, in modern parenting, especially. We want to help our children. We want them to succeed. We love them so much. And yet the real challenge is to get out of the way and let them do it on their own.”