At Coachella Saturday night, BEYONCÉ brought out JAY-Z, reunited with DESTINY’S CHILD, and said, quote, “Thank you for allowing me to be the first black woman to headline. Ain’t that ’bout a [B-word]?”

These days, Beyonce can make headlines just by having an unremarkable bowel movement. But her set at Coachella on Saturday night really WAS noteworthy . . . because it included a Destiny’s Child reunion.

Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams joined her onstage for three songs: “Lose My Breath”, “Say My Name”, and “Soldier”.

JAY-Z also hit the stage for a duet on “Déjà vu”

Meanwhile, CARDI B may have upstaged Beyoncé, by performing PREGNANT yesterday. And she brought along all her stripper moves.