Billie Eilish Asks Fans to Think Beyond ‘Black Out Tuesday’ to ‘Create Meaningful Change’

Billie Eilish shared her thoughts about Black Out Tuesday on Tuesday (June 2), urging her fans to look for ways to get involved in the fight for racial equality beyond simply posting a black square on social media.

“Blackout tuesday was supposed to be about taking a step back from promoting and posting about yourself and instead using your voice to amplify the message that systemic inequality will no longer be tolerated in this country!!! not posting a black square and silence……” she wrote on Instagram. “We cannot be silent. not today. not any other day. we are here to unequivocally say that BLACK LIVES MATTER. and i want to use the platform i have to help take meaningful action that will create meaningful change!!”

In the post, the superstar also shared a list of numerous nonprofit organizations committed to addressing various aspects of racial inequality, including Stacy Abrams’ Fair Fight, the NAACP Legal Defense FundCampaign Zero and Black Lives Matter. “Here is a list of organizations that you can donate to!! some of which i have donated to today,” she added. “I’m gonna try to donate to as many organizations as possible over the next few weeks and further! and i encourage you to donate whatever you can to these and other organizations in your communities that are working to fight racial and social injustice every day…. even when the hashtags stop.”

Finally, Eilish wrapped up her post with a direct call to action to her millions of followers, writing, “i hope you used today to speak up, donate, protest, educate yourself, listen, learn, and call your elected representatives to demand CHANGE IN THIS COUNTRY. gonna be sharing some resources over the next couple days and i ask that everyone take action with me.”

Her latest Instagram plea comes just days after Eilish shared a fired up post in the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death, in which she clapped back at the dismissive refrain of “All Lives Matter” in response to the Black Lives Matter movement and gave fans a no-holds-barred crash course in recognizing white privilege.

Check out Eilish’s passionate message to fans on Blackout Tuesday below.

Via: Billboard