Brené Brown Elvis Duran 2020


Researcher, story teller and Texas girl, Brené Brown is now diving into a whole new world.. podcasting. “Oh my god I’m loving it. I just haven’t done anything that i have loved like this in awhile,” Brown tells Elvis Duran about her podcast Unlocking Us. “I love listening and asking questions, prodding and pushing a little bit.”

Brown is best known for her research on vulnerability. “It’s my thing,” she tells Danielle Monaro on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Wednesday April 8th. “We all think it is a weakness, I love digging into the fact that vulnerability is the key point of courage… There is no courage without vulnerability.”

During this COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people are showing anxiety more and more and are having trouble with it. “If you’re not feeling a little anxious right now you’re not paying attention,” Brown explains to Duran. “It is the most contagious emotion or affect that we experience. When one person brings anxiety into a situation it just starts a fire.” Although it is easily spread, Brown explains there is a great way to combat your anxiety. “The great news is calm is also contagious.” Brown continues explaining that it is important to ‘name your anxiety.’ When asked by Gandhi what the best way is to tell someone to calm down when they are feeling anxious, or how to be there for them, Brown explains that you should “reflect back what you want to see in them.” If you would like someone to calm down, you should speak to them calmly. “If you return anxiety with anxiety it ramps it up.”

No matter what during these crazy times we can not give up on each other or ourselves. Brown concludes her conversation saying “We can’t give up on people because we are all we have. No matter how frustrated we are. We either get well together or stay sick together…. We gotta change the ‘I’ to ‘We.’

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