BTS "Dynamite"


BTS Drops First All-English Song Via Disco Pop Track! Check it out above.

“Dynamite” is the first song BTS has released completely in all English, and the band’s Jungkook recently told USA Today of stepping out of their comfort zone, “It was more not hard, but interesting. It was an interesting kind of challenge.” RM added that it was a “fun hard.”

RM also explained of the song, “Who would ever think of this pandemic? No meeting, no karaoke, no concerts? Even no walking in the park. So we never expected this song would come fully in English. During the process of making our album … it just came to us.”

Given that the band is working on another new album, V tells USA Today of whether or not fans can expect more all-English songs: “don’t not look forward to it.”

BTS will perform “Dynamite” during the upcoming 2020 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, August 30th.