2018 has certainly been the year for newcomer, Cardi B. The New York rapper has made a name of herself fighting her way to the top and she doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. As the year comes to a close, publications are releasing their annual list of top albums and artist. Time Magazine recently released their list with the “I Like It” rapper topping the list with her breakthrough Invasion of Privacy album.

“Invasion of Privacy delivered–not just on the dark, defensive rap that earned her legions of fans, but also with irresistible hits like the fizzy ‘I Like It,’ which nods at her Latin roots,” the magazine wrote. “Cardi’s debut doesn’t just earn her a seat at hip-hop’s table–it marks her as a singular voice.”

Cardi took to Instagram to shoutout the magazine and thank them for her accolade. In her caption, she wrote that she’s still working on the bonus.

Other notable artists to be featured on this years list include, Janelle Monae, Camila Cabello, and Shawn Mendes.

See the full list below:

1. Cardi B – Invasion of Privacy

2. Janelle Monae – Dirty Computer

3. Mitski – Be the Cowboy

4. Shawn Mendes – Shawn Mendes

5. J Balvin – Vibras

6. Robyn – Honey

7. Troye Sivan – Bloom

8. Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour

9. The 1975 – A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

10. Camila Cabello – Camila

The good news for the rapper comes just after she recently admitted to battling depression over her post-baby body. During a live video stream, the Bodak Yellow rapper spoke candidly with the viewers.

“I’ve been very depressed because I cannot stop losing weight,” Cardi said on Instagram Live Thursday (November 15). “And it’s so crazy because when I first gave birth, I did everything to lose my baby weight. I was drinking Teami [tea, a weight loss tea] so it could curb my appetite and now that I lost all the baby weight… I don’t like looking too skinny.”


She admitted that her current weight is giving her flashbacks to her teenage weight which she was never a fan of. “I used to look too skinny as a teenager and I used to hate it and I hate it now,” she continued. “It’s been really depressing me, making me sad. My weight.” Cardi also said her breasts are now “saggy” and she’s having to learn how to combat not having an appetite.

“Sh*t is so stressful, not having no appetite at all…. I’m really trying to gain weight, y’all, and it’s been hard and I don’t know how,” the first-time mom admitted.

“After I gave birth, I was so thirsty to lose all the baby weight, and now it’s so hard for me to gain weight, and I hate it. Then my parents … the more they force me to eat, the more I don’t want to eat.”

The young mother, however, went on to add that besides the issues with her body, motherhood is one of the best experiences that she has ever had.

“I love motherhood. I love learning everything. When my baby cries, I know her gums are hurting, she’s constipated or she sleepy. I love being a mom more than anything.”

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