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Chika Slams ‘Selfish’ YG for Filming Music Video During Los Angeles Protest

As protests continue to rise across the nation demanding justice for George Floyd and the entire Black Lives Matter movement, YG joined the Los Angeles demonstrations over the weekend–but Chika is calling him out for misusing his platform.

“YG said he here to shoot a video,” the rapper and activist tweeted on Sunday (June 7) from the crowd. “I would like to go home. this feels incredibly disingenuous. but im glad people showed up.”

“shooting a music video while breonna taylor’s killers are still walking the streets is f—ing disgusting,” she continued.

Last week, YG shared his protest song “FTP (F— the Police),” which features lyrics like, “F— pig, f— bacon / I don’t eat pork, I replaced it / F— you and your slave s— / We’re supposed to be free like the masons.”


To further explain her thoughts and frustration, Chika uploaded a 27-minute IGTV later in the evening, in which she calls YG “selfish” for making the death of black people at the hands of police about himself.

“You don’t say on a flyer, ‘This is a vigil, bring flowers, bring candles…’ You don’t use this moment to shoot a music video,” she said.

“Everything that we’ve been doing march-wise has working because of the way that we showed up. The way that we know what we are fighting for, the way that we are informed. This today was not that. If you saw YG’s name on a poster and you showed up because you saw YG’s name on a poster, you’re f—ed because the lives lost was not enough to do that for you.”

Watch her IGTV in full below.


Via: Billboard